2017 Phoenixville Firebird Festival

It is about that time of year again. The air is cold. The weather man is saying it might snow… but that does not stop thousands of people to join the community of Phoenixville in their 13th annual Firebird Festival.

Firebird Festival December 9th, 2017

This is the second year I will be performing and attending. I have truly been looking forward to this magickal experience for a whole year. And I anyone who has not come to this festival I highly recommend it.

What is the Firebird Festival you may ask? I am glad you asked. 🙂

From 1pm to 7pm they closed off the main street for crafts, food, music, and performers of sorts. Right now you might be saying that sounds like a normal state fair but no there is more. Phoenixville is this cute town tuck away with some really cool shops. Even the local thrift store has some really cool finds. Last year I got a vase with a phoenix on it and very cool mirror. Phoenixville has very nice restaurants and to top it all off, you have musicians and performing artist taking the festival to a whole new level.. BUT WAIT There IS More…

At 7:30pm all the drummers, dancers, flag holders and some of the residences of Phoenixville walk about a mile parade to a gigantic phoenix that was built by the towns people. (if you ever saw the movie The Wickerman… the 1973 version with Christopher Lee.. not the piece of crap Nicholas Cage version, you get a sense of the majesty of what is about to happen). By 8:15 thousands of people are waiting around a huge fence that is about several 100 feet from the bird. The fire marshall gives the ok, and boom, the phoenix is set on fire. It starts slow, people are cheering around, the fire builds until the whole bird is a blaze. Even being several 100 feet you can feel the heat from the fire.

The night end for most of people going to a town party or their homes but the real works continues with the fire tenders who keep the fire going all night until the sunrise. At sunrise the town people come back and retrieve their clay hatchlings that they made a few weeks before. The hatchling has been in the belly of the bird the whole time. It is an alchemical process from start to finish. Ending the year coming out of the ashes and being born a new.










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Firebird Festival December 9th, 2017









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