About River Barry

River Barry has been immersed in the entertainment world for over twenty years. One of the most original and in-demand acts out there, River's style of entertainment emphasizes moving beyond the present moment to help find an equal balance between self and nature, allowing the individual’s movement to be inspired by the moment.

A magician, bubble artist, and rock balancing artist, River is committed to sharing the expression of the four foundational pillars of physical, mental, spiritual and financial.

He has appeared as himself on A&E Biography's Halloween Show.

River has studied with master magicians Jeff Mcbride and Eugene Burger.

As a performing artist of bubbles, magic  and dance, he is committed to the expansion of personal development and finding the power within. His love for people and uncanny ability to understand their behavior has resulted in the most unbelievable magic act and the ONLY one of its kind in the world.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

"River Barry has become our magician of choice! After having other magicians, River's show is by far the most amazing! A show man at heart, his show is entertaining and not the usual magic. Guaranteed to astound and leave you asking 'how did he do that?' Great show." Denise Lauer, Activities Director